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High Five 3D! – All you do is make friends

High Five 3D! (by MadKnight Studio) may just be the friendliest game we’ve played in years! Set on a winding 3D path, your mission in this game is to high five people. That’s it. 😂 So friendly! 🥰 Positioned at set intervals along the winding 3D path your player slowly jugs down, your mission in […]

#LOL Action Apple Arcade Family Featured Review – This game is the greatest disaster you have never seen. (by Kyrylo Venzhyn) is a terrible game. As in, the game is, in most respects, a broken mess!! When we said this game was a disaster we actually meant it! But wait! 🖐 Before you dismiss this article as the only review on the internet with a ‘clickbait title’ that actually held some truth, […]

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Escape From Everwood – Will you make it to the end?

Escape From Everwood (by Stuart Fernandez-Mahoney) is perhaps the very first gamebook we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews – and boy is it cool! Is it a Book? or a Game? 🤔 If you’ve never had the prestige of “playing” a gamebook the process is a little something like this… Starting at page 1, […]

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Logic Ludum – A flat Rubix cube for iOS

When Badbones Productions reached out to us to take a look at their latest game Logic Ludum, I must admit we were a little wary of what we were getting ourselves into… With a description like, “This game simulates a Rubik’s cube inspired mechanical logic machine!” we really weren’t sure what to expect from this latest release […]

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Shadō Review – You’ll need skills to master this game

Shadō: The Minimal Snake Game (by Defpotec Studios) is a new take on one of those games we dare say most people have either played or at least seen. Yep, we’re talking about good old Snake. Shadō is a game that is obviously heavily inspired by Snake – the developers even describe how the game […]

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Taxi Rush Review – Broken at so many levels…

Taxi Rush (by Voodoo & Funky Tap) isn’t a great game. From a technical perspective, the game lacks polish meaning it doesn’t look or feel anywhere near as premium as most other games from Voodoo. … Likely the reason why you didn’t know this game even existed. 😅 That having been said, Taxi Rush is […]

#CUTE Android Apple Family Featured Puzzle Review Simulation Strategy

Biocell Review – The cutest game about cells

Feast your eyes on the cutest characters… 💕 Biocell (by Georgii Krasin) is a very cute game. In case anyone is like me and always gets squeamish when talking about cells, blood, and biology in general, relax! This is not one of “those” games. Set in the tiny microscopic universe of Biocell, this game is […]

#ADDICTIVE Action Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation Review – Magnetic madness and way too many beads! (by Fogwatt) is a game about massive floating magnets, small metal beads, and war. Seriously, no one is going to slow down for you in this game! 🔥 Set in a massive 3D arena, your mission in this game is to collect small metal beads and bring them back to your base in order […]

#CUTE Adventure Android Apple Family Featured Review Role-Playing Simulation Strategy

Lady Popular Review – Battling in style! …literally!

Lady Popular – Fashion Arena (by XSSoftware) is a game that features everything from fashion, love, pets, and interior design to intense modeling battles that will put your fashion sense to the test! 🔥👊 Or at least, that’s what it looks like at first glance… Set in a run-down apartment filled with spider webs and […]

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Grasshopper Review – Lean JavaScript no strings attatched

There are a lot of ways you can learn to code in 2019. With an abundance of resources online, it is almost difficult to know where to start, which is why we are going to be taking a look at Grasshopper by Google. A free online coding course for iOS and Android. Diving right into […]

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Sky Roller Review – Simple everything.

Sky Roller (by Homa Games) is one of those games that feels so refined, there is very little left to simplify. Set on a simplistic 3D track made up of mostly white or gray geometric shapes, this game is all about doing the splits. …while skating… For anyone who has played Gelly Shift or Shape […]

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Mario Kart Tour – 5 Tips to Rocket Start your gameplay

Mario Kart Tour is an amazing game for iOS and Android – arguably the best game we’ve ever seen from Nintendo on mobile. So for those players who are only just getting into Mario Kart Tour or would like a better chance of progressing through the game, here are our top 5 tips for playing […]

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Taxi Run Review – Wait… This is actually kind of easy!?

Taxi Run (by CASUAL AZUR GAMES) is one of those games that looks hard, and has the potential to be really hard, but is actually really easy. Set in a 3D town or city made up of all the usual things you would expect to find in a real-life city, your mission in this game […]

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Sticky Fall! Review – Who didn’t have one of these as a kid?

Sticky Fall (by OHM Games) is a game you probably played in real life before you ever owned a smartphone. Isn’t it great to see old games resurrected in digital form? Set on an unsuspecting slab of wall, Sticky Fall is a game featuring that sticky wall climber toy you used to own as a […]

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Flippy Pancake Review – Everyone is crazy in this game

Flippy Pancake (by Full Fat) is a game that really illustrates just how crazy “some” people can be when it comes to pancakes… The pancakes in this game are either really, really well made – or – iced with just a hint of cocaine… 😂 For anyone who enjoys playing those slingshot games that are all […]