EVIG: A beautifully hard shooter game for your iPhone…😂

EVIG (by Average Arcade) could be the most beautiful shooter game we’ve played in years. Featuring handcrafted level-based gameplay, each level is designed using low-poly “ish” graphics and lots of enemies for you to shoot down or avoid. Seriously, there are a lot of enemies in this game…

After playing the game for a while, one thing that quickly becomes apparent is that EVIG is by no means an easy game… Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to move your small low-poly spaceship around, EVIG will freely present players with seemingly unavoidable enemies that attack in the most unexpected ways imaginable.

You will likely have to attempt each level multiple times just to make it “close” to the end of the level you are working on.

Thankfully, once you have seen the level a few times and had a chance to get used to the way in which it is structured, EVIG is by no means an impossible game to play which can’t exactly be said about many of the other mobile shooter games we’ve played in the past.

One pro tip when playing EVIG is to change the control settings from “fixed” to “relative”. By default, your spaceship in EVIG will snap to just above your finger which is kind of horrible when you have obstacles to avoid that sometimes come from behind – which is part of the screen that is more often than not covered by your hand 😅

Simply changing the control settings will make this game so much easier to play, we highly recommend doing this before anything else.

Other than this quick pro tip, the only real way to succeed in this game is to practice which is exactly what we will leave you to do. If you would like to try EVIG, the download link is just below.

Find it on App Store