Master Thief – Rugby with stolen art

Master Thief (by Ketchapp) is a game about stealing stuff. Not that much of a surprise considering the name. 😂

Set in a number of different art galleries and museums around the world, your mission in this game is to sneak past night guards and their beams of torchlight, grab the painting you are after and make a mad dash for the exit before a mountain of guards come crashing down on top of you.

We would almost go so far as to say Master Thief feels like playing two games in one. The game starts out slowly and stealthily before quickly transforming into what almost feels like rugby with million-dollar artwork – it’s insane. 😂

As you progress through the game, the art galleries you rob will gradually increase in size, complexity, and number of guards, forcing you to brush up your skills as a thief in order to make it out alive.

With no unlockable skins, outfits, or powerups of any kind, Master Thief is 100% a game about your skill and ability to outrun guards.

Which kind of makes you wonder, what is your character spending all the money he makes from stealing art on? Maybe Ketchapp can tell us in an interview? 😂

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