Hop Race 2 – Everybody Jump To The Beat!

Hop Race 2 (by Amanotes) is yet another one of those distinctly 2019 games we’ve been talking about lately with a faceless 3D humanoid for your player and lots of dancing – although the dancing is kind of to be expected in a game that is all about music.

Set on what almost looks like a crazy Japanese game show challenge, your mission in this game is to jump from one floating ring to the next all to the beat of the music.

Although the concept is fairly simple, common, and frankly quite overused, the music is great, and that is kind of the only thing that matters when it comes to a great rhythm game.

Although there isn’t a huge selection of songs, all the songs we’ve played so far aren’t the typical sort of stock music you can find for free online but rather the type you might actually choose to listen to.

If you’re in for a casual hopping game that has a little more character than just a ball bouncing on tiles, this is the game for you.

For players who have played a lot of games from Amanotes, one less exciting thing we do have to point out is the fact that Amanotes seems to be re-skinning their own games a lot lately, so if you’ve played pretty much any of the new releases from Amantes this game will likely feel pretty much the same as whatever you’ve already played… 😅

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