Forge Ahead – Making weapons for money

Forge Ahead (by Lion Studios & ProtopiaGames) is yet another idle game for your iOS or Android device.

For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, an idle game is a game that pretty much plays itself in the background while you work, play, and go about your daily life. Super convenient! 😂

Set in a mostly white studio-lit weapons store, your mission in this game is to forge weapons that somehow generate cash just by sitting on your store shelves – as well as sometimes make things for the customers who walk in and vaguely ask for a weapon you aren’t fully sure how to make…

Overall the game is good, but not excellent. Although the animations and gameplay are both fine, other aspects of the game definitely feel rather half baked. Such as the fact that your customers will just stand there T Posing until you eventually give them what they want.

This will probably change in a future update? 🤔

Overall Forge Ahead, even with all of its unpolished flaws, is still one of the better idles games we have played – as there is a decent amount of stuff for the player to do when you are actually playing the game.

If you’re like us and enjoy having an idle game in the background you can play on and off when you really have nothing better to do, Forge Ahead is a game you may want to check out.

*Just as a side note, the game is currently vulnerable to time hacking so yeah, do with this information what you like…

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