Push Battle – Pushing people over can be fun…?

Push Battle (by FTY Games) is basically a game about pushing people over. Pretty simple?

If you’ve ever played that balancing game where 2 people try to push each other over without moving their feet, this is basically that same game, only captured into a digital world and packaged for consumers on mobile. And when I say mobile, sadly that only includes iPhones at the moment…

Set in a simple 3D world, your mission in this game is to skillfully swipe backward and forward across the screen of your device in order to push your opponent off the poll they are standing on. Although the game looks hard, so far it hasn’t exactly been all that difficult.

All the opponents we have been faced with so far have been absolute pacifists making the game easy to win but kind of boring at the same time. Hopefully, the game either gets harder overtime or our opponents are “fixed” in a future update.

Update – after finishing our initial draft for this review, we actually attempted to die in Push Battle only to discover that you can win by simply leaning forward to the max and letting your opponent slowly crash into you – it is pretty much impossible to lose in this game. 😂

Since it is currently almost impossible to lose in Push Battle collecting coins is super easy! Using the coins you collect while playing the game, you can currently unlock 8 different characters to customize the look and feel of your game.

Do we recommend Push Battle? Currently, it would have to be a no, unless of course you absolutely hate to lose. 😂

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