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Zipline 3D Review: The worst kind of guy at a theme park…

Have you ever slid down a zipline at a theme park or bush adventure summer camp? If you have, you are probably already well...

Cool Goal! Review: Come on! Even PUBG gives you free underwear…

Were you the type of guy or girl who obsessed over the angle at which you fired your tiny pixelated characters in Angry Birds...

Our interview with Kraftum Games the creators of Laikanaut

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with Kraftum Games the creator of Laikanaut. Before we start we’d like to thank...

Our interview with AntiSocialGames the creators of Scolors

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with AntiSocialGames the creator of Scolors. Before we start we’d like to thank the...

Our interview with Q-Games the developers of Sticky Bodies

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with Q-Games the creator of Sticky Bodies. Before we start we’d like to thank...

OnPipe Review: A satisfying game with colorful soup

Are you one of those humans who finds it easy to just sit and absorb a 10 minute long "satisfying video" on YouTube? If...

Tap Tales – How rich can YOU get in this Idle Clicker game?

Have you been searching all your life for a way to become a Millionaire? Billionaire? How about being a Trillionaire... Nah, how about Quadrillionaire! Ok, ok... forget that! In Tap Tales you'll become a Quattuorquinquagintillionaire

“TapTap Heroes” is here! Tap your way to the top in this Idle RPG game!

“TapTap Heroes” is here! Tap your way to the top in this Idle RPG game with exciting battles and rhythmic Celtic-style music. Build up your team of Heroes to take on numerous challenges that provide bountiful rewards!

Space Colonizers – The best space idle clicker game

Space Colonizers is an incremental idle space clicker game, and also a simulation & strategy game developed by the Capplay team which hold great curiosity and enthusiasm for the universe in this game.

Pocket City – Is this “the best” city building game for mobile?

SimCity was a great game on PC, but for some reason, we never really enjoyed it quite as much on mobile... Although our smartphones are (by far) powerful enough to run the rather complex tasks you are required to complete as the mayor of a developing city, perhaps it was the complex tasks themselves that prevented us from loving SimCity on mobile? But not any more... because today's game is great fun!

A minimalistic drifting game – Donuts Drift

Donuts Drift (by Voodoo and TryMyGames) is a simplistic drifting game about drifting around gray dots, collecting money, and trying not to crash and burn... Luckily(?) your car is almost always low on fuel so you shouldn't have too much to worry about.

TapTap Heroes Interview with Westbund Games

Do you remember our review of our new favorite idle tapper game TapTap Heroes? If so, today we would like to share our interview with the awesome developer team that brought this fun new game to life!

The coolest idle RPG for Android – TapTap Heroes

We've reviewed a lot of clicker games, of which Tap Titans and Tap Titans 2 used to be our two favorites! Today everything changes... TapTap Heroes (by Ajoy Lab) is an almost fully automatic RPG style adventure game for busy mobile gamers.

The 1st “bird game” about falling – Falling Birdz

Falling Birdz (by 1N1) is the first game with the word "Bird" in the title we've reviewed that doesn't involve going up. Set on a stage that continually scrolls down, your mission in this game is to help your player fall from one platform to...

Merge Plane – Take off for wealth and fortune!

Assuming you don't hack it, Merge Plane (by Merger Games) is a cross between a simple "Clicker Game" and a "Merging Game" you may just have a lot of fun playing.

Blocky Cops – Chase Crooks and watch Ads… ⁉️

Blocky Cops is a cute Cops & Robbers style avoider game about chasing crooks down the streets of New York without smashing into any pedestrians or getting destroyed by a speeding taxi. The game features simple swipe-based controls and Voxel Graphics which are fairly popular at the moment, only part of the reason we selected it for review...

Maze Light – Puzzles that are just asking to be solved!

Are you a fan of the classic Pipe-Connecting Games you can find pre-installed on pretty much every old Windows PC? (...Alongside Solitare...?) Maze Light is yet another Pipe-Connecting puzzle game for your iOS or Android device that has exactly one distinctive feature. It looks awesome!