Five Hoops – Can we do this in real life?

Five Hoops (by Voodoo) is yet another one of those games that blur the lines of what a game can and can’t be.

Set on a small-ish 3D stage with you, a moving basketball hoop and 2 opponents, your mission in this game is to shoot 5 hoops before your opponents in order to win – pretty simple hey?

Each time you manage to shoot a hoop your player will take a few steps back, obviously making the next shot slightly more difficult.

Maybe for people with no friends…? 😭

The concept is simple and very realistic, making Five Hoops feel more like something you’d do with your friends in real life than a game you play on your phone.

One aspect of the game that would be a little hard to replicate in real life, however, are the obstacles. As you progress through the game, you will be faced with increasingly challenging obstacles that require you to time your shots more precisely in order to get your ball through the hoop.

Other then that, Five Hoops is basically just gamified reality and you know what? We actually kind of like it. 😃

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