Review Review – Magnetic madness and way too many beads! (by Fogwatt) is a game about massive floating magnets, small metal beads, and war. Seriously, no one is going to slow down for you in this game! 🔥

Set in a massive 3D arena, your mission in this game is to collect small metal beads and bring them back to your base in order to both gain points and grow bigger. As you grow bigger, your power as a magnet increases, allowing you to collect beads from further away which then, in turn, helps you to grow bigger faster and the cycle repeats itself forever!

Technically there is a time limit, so the game doesn’t exactly go on forever, but I’m sure you get the idea… 😅

Our gameplay video 👇👇

As is an (.io) game you will be faced with other competing players who possess similar powers to you. This is probably kind of a given for most players at this point. 

Assuming your player is bigger than your opponent, you can run over your opponents in order to copy their ability to attract certain colored beads. Each player starts off only being able to collect a single “type” of bead but by literally crushing your opponents you can gain the ability to collect more and more colors, making it easier to grow big faster.

Other than the core gameplay, really doesn’t feature a lot of extras with only a few skins and powerups that can be unlocked by either playing the game, watching an Ad or paying a few dollars.

We quite enjoy’s overall simplicity and expect most people who like the casual games we feature will really enjoy playing this game. We just wish there were fewer ads between games…

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