Biocell Review – The cutest game about cells

Feast your eyes on the cutest characters… 💕

Biocell (by Georgii Krasin) is a very cute game. In case anyone is like me and always gets squeamish when talking about cells, blood, and biology in general, relax! This is not one of “those” games.

Set in the tiny microscopic universe of Biocell, this game is basically what you’d expect it to be about – i.e. a game about cells.

Set on a number of different gridded Microcosm (we hope this is the correct terminology), your mission in this game is to split and move cells in order to kill germs, alter existing cells, and re-arrange colored cells all within a given number of moves.

Yep, Biocell is basically just a puzzle game about the cutest cells you’ve ever seen! 😆

For anyone who has played a few puzzle games on their smartphone, Biocell doesn’t feature anything too new or crazy for you to get your head around.

The in-game tutorial makes the game easy for beginners.

The base gameplay is centered on moving cells around the gridded play area in order to bio-hack germs into cute little good cells – or change existing cells into other cells. What you are meant to achieve really all depends on the puzzle you happen to be working on.

After playing the game for a little bit, one thing we can say with confidence is that Biocell is by no means an easy game.

Although the cute graphics and soothing soundtrack may make the game seem simple, after playing through the first few levels, you’ll soon find yourself faced with a level that requires you to really slow things down a little bit and put some thought into what you are actually doing.

Which leads to our absolute favorite thing about this game. No ads between failed attempts. 👍

Biocell allows players to fail at a level time and time again and will not force you to watch an Ad or “Revive” your player. The level simply restarts giving you another chance to figure out the puzzle.

Incidentally, this also leads on to our least favorite part about the game which is the Ad you are forced to watch each time you complete a level, but I guess players who find this too annoying should just buy the full version for $1.99

Overall we really enjoyed our time with Biocell and expect most cuteness loving puzzle fans will probably love Biocell just as much as we did.

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