Lady Popular Review – Battling in style! …literally!

Lady Popular – Fashion Arena (by XSSoftware) is a game that features everything from fashion, love, pets, and interior design to intense modeling battles that will put your fashion sense to the test! 🔥👊

Or at least, that’s what it looks like at first glance…

Set in a run-down apartment filled with spider webs and ghosts, (at the time of writing we were in the midst of a Halloween event so it makes sense), this game is all about increasing your girl’s style so that you can win more battles, buy new clothes, and date attractive guys you meet at the disco. Also, did I mention buying exotic pets?

Almost everything you do in Lady Popular is designed to make your girl more attractive in 1 of 6 ways. Style, Creativity, Devotion, Beauty, Generosity, and Loyalty.

All of this having been said, strangely enough how your girl is actually dressed doesn’t seem to “directly” affect any of these 6 stats which is likely the secret that makes this game so enjoyable by anyone who loves fashion!

This review is about to get really technical really fast.

Fashion is subjective. Much as some people would like to make you believe one dress is more fashionable than another, in the end, it basically all boils down to personal taste. So with that in mind, how are developers supposed to make a “Fashion Battle Game” without making some people very unhappy?

Lady Popular uses an ingenious system that rewards players with tokens and powerups that increase the 6 different states listed above each time you perform an action.

For instance, if you go to the mall and buy a new dress for $1,300, you are also given a few tokens which can be used to increase your girl’s stats. This allows players to battle it out head to head with other fashionable players without directly comparing each individual player’s so-called “fashion sense”.

Our Gameplay Video 👇👇

So to wrap things up, Lady Popular is a game literally anyone who has a love for fashion can enjoy – whether you understand how the technical stuff works or not.

Although we aren’t exactly known for reviewing fashion battle games, we have to say out of the few fashion games we’ve tested, Lady Popular is definitely one of the best. With so many customizable elements, you could easily lose a few hours playing this game… 😅

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