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Grasshopper Review – Lean JavaScript no strings attatched

There are a lot of ways you can learn to code in 2019. With an abundance of resources online, it is almost difficult to know where to start, which is why we are going to be taking a look at Grasshopper by Google. A free online coding course for iOS and Android.

Diving right into the course, Grasshopper feels more like a game and less like an actual course on JavaScript. ‘Played’ by writing small snippets of code in order to make things either appear or disappear within a small virtual window, the exercises in this course feel almost like playing a puzzle game – which is likely exactly what the developers intended.

For anyone who tried to learn Swift using Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, Grasshopper definitely feels more “study like” which could make this app less appealing for kids.

That having been said, the added context makes looking things up much easier for those who are actually interested in learning. Overall, we think this is a fair trade-off we are very happy Google chose to make.

If you’re still not entirely convinced though, there are other options. Options that feature way more stuff… but are much more expensive…

For those who would like more options right out the gate, Mimo for iOS and Android is a great option we could confidently recommend. Featuring a similar overall style to that of Grasshopper, this app will teach you how to code with as little pain as possible.

Mimo also features many different languages and subjects for you to choose from – not just JavaScript – however, if you intend to use your skills to level up your work life, we would recommend taking a look at the courses on Udemy as they are tailored more toward professionals and dive into more detail you will need when working.

Also, as it stands, most employers will be more inclined to hire someone with a Udemy certificate than a Mimo one… 🤷‍♂️

So to wrap things up.

If you’re new to coding and are interested in learning what is actually going on behind the scenes when you tap on a massive cookie in the middle of your screen or shoot at an enemy in PUBG or Fortnite, Grasshopper is a fun free coding app from Google you can’t go wrong with.

For those looking for a place to start, you’ve found your start. Now all that’s left is to, well… Actually start writing some code! 😂

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