Sky Roller Review – Simple everything.

Sky Roller by Homa Games is one of those games that feels so refined, there is really very little left to simplify.

Set on a simplistic 3D track made up of mostly white or gray geometric shapes, this game is all about doing the splits. …while skating…

If you’ve read our reviews of Gelly Shift by SayGames &¬†estoty or Shape Shifter by¬†Voodoo, this game will feel practically the same as these two games only simplified!

Played by touching and dragging in order to either widen or shorten your player’s stance, this game is all about avoiding simple obstacles designed to knock your player off the track.

Watch our quick gameplay video for a better understanding of how the game works. 👇👇

As you will notice very quickly, there really isn’t a lot to this game which for some may be a bad thing, while for others is the very reason why you would choose to play such a simple game!

With very few jump scares or surprises, Sky Roller is the perfect game for those times when you just want to zone out and relax. Not only can this game be played half asleep, it almost invites players to do so with its soft colors and slow-paced gameplay.

We legitimately expect there will be players who will play Sky Roller to relax before going to bed which is kind of different but I think we like it. 😉

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