Mario Kart Tour – 5 Tips to Rocket Start your gameplay

Mario Kart Tour is an amazing game for iOS and Android – arguably the best game we’ve ever seen from Nintendo on mobile. So for those players who are only just getting into Mario Kart Tour or would like a better chance of progressing through the game, here are our top 5 tips for playing the game like a pro. Starting with number 5…

Tip 5: Actually collect coins

If you haven’t played Mario cart for a while (like we hadn’t before Mario Kart Tour) you may be wondering what those coins are for. Well, it turns out they can be used for a lot of things.

Not only can they be used to unlock new characters, carts, and gliders in the store, they are often positioned at strategic locations within the track which allow you to string together combos and boost up your overall score.

Since the races in Mario Kart TourĀ are ultimately all about the points, actually going and collecting these coins will likely benefit you much more than it may at first seem if you only looked at their value within the store…

Tip 4: Conquer the lower levels

It almost goes without saying that the lower levels are much easier to complete, so for anyone wanting to play each Tour to its fullest, collecting as many stars as possible from the levels you find easy is kind of a must.

Don’t be lazy, go back and get 5 stars.

Tip 3: Save your gems

Although it is tempting to spend 5 gems here and there to unlock something new, saving up for 10 shots all at once is definitely worth it. Especially if you didn’t sign up for the gold pass. Be patient, it will pay off…

Tip 2: Drivers are the most important

Depending on the driver you choose, you will receive up to 3 items per item box you collect. Choosing a character that receives 3 items per box will not only give you a massive advantage over everyone else, it also adds the opportunity for you to activate “Fever Mode” which not only gives you a massive boost, it also gives you a whole lot of points.

And points are really everything in Mario Kart Tour.

Tip 1: Always race at 150cc

Racing at 150cc is not only the most challenging, it also gives players the most points which is why we recommend always choosing to race at this speed. Also, at the end of each cup, you will be faced with a “Challange” which often requires you to complete it at 150cc in order to finish with 3 stars.

Definitely better if you get used to playing at faster speeds sooner rather than later.

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