Taxi Run Review – Wait… This is actually kind of easy!?

Taxi Run (by CASUAL AZUR GAMES) is one of those games that looks hard, and has the potential to be really hard, but is actually really easy. Set in a 3D town or city made up of all the usual things you would expect to find in a real-life city, your mission in this game is simple.

“Get from A to B without dying.” See? Simple.

Played by touching on the screen in order to accelerate and releasing to stop, Taxi Run kind of feels like a digital version of slot-cars and can be kind of fun until you begin to get overly good at playing the game…

Our Gameplay Video 👇👇

For the time being, Taxi Run either doesn’t have a lot of variety or the algorithm that puts the levels together doesn’t exactly realize that people get better at playing games over time.

During our time testing the game, we were randomly faced with the same super-simple level 3-4 times which isn’t exactly how to create a super addictive game. This could (and hopefully will) change very soon as we often test and review games before they are fully ready for the market. However, at the moment Taxi Run isn’t exactly addictive

The general consensus among developers at the moment seems to be to publish early and update later. We’re just too fast…

Other than the levels, Taxi Run is a beautiful looking game with a lot of potential we expect many gamers will enjoy! 😃

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