Sticky Fall! Review – Who didn’t have one of these as a kid?

Sticky Fall (by OHM Games) is a game you probably played in real life before you ever owned a smartphone. Isn’t it great to see old games resurrected in digital form?

Set on an unsuspecting slab of wall, Sticky Fall is a game featuring that sticky wall climber toy you used to own as a kid. Starting out by throwing your sticky buddy to the very top of the wall you are going to climb down, Sticky Fall is all about guiding your climber down so as to not get hit by any of the many obstacles you will be faced with on the way down.

Our gameplay video 👇👇

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with more and more obstacles making the game harder over time.

Although the game can be somewhat challenging at times, it isn’t exactly the hardest game out there. Since the overall speed at which things move in this game is actually fairly slow, we expect most players should get the hang of things fairly quickly.

One negative thing we can say about the game, however, is the fact that the novelty of playing as a childhood toy doesn’t last. Unless you absolutely loved those sticky toys you played with as a kid, you’ll likely get bored with this game very quickly.

If you plan on getting stranded in an airport for 6 hours with no internet any time soon, you should probably make sure this isn’t “the only” game on your smartphone.

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