Blendy! – Is this what it feels like to work at Starbucks?

Blendy! – Juicy Simulation (by Lion Studios & Game Crew) is a game about making fruit juice for your customers.

Featuring a design that looks very much like the “popular” photo-sharing app Instagram, it would be an understatement to say that Blendy was inspired by Instagram. Starting with the fonts and ending with the hearts, this game misses nothing when it comes to making Instagram users feel at home.

Where most simulation games like Blendy give players stars or coins for completing a level, Blendy gives players a maximum of 3 hearts which – when you stop and think about it – is actually probably more relatable in this generation where people actually go out and do stuff just to take that one crazy photo that will bring in a bunch of likes (or hearts).

If you’re not a fan of simulation games, there really isn’t a lot we can say to get you excited about this game – since it is obviously a simulation game.

That having been said, for players who enjoy making digital smoothies, Blendy does an excellent job of getting the small things right. Things such as, how realistically your blender blends, or how accurately the physics function, those small things that most people probably never even notice are all done very nicely in this game.

The developers behind Blendy must have put a lot of work into making their game both look and feel nice, and it shows.

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