Border Patrol – Who will you let in?

Border Patrol (by FIVE BITS, INC.) is a game about a situation anyone who has ever travelled abroad has probably experienced a few times in their life. …unless you are travelling very illegally that is… 😅

Set in a cute 3D airport with a high tech x-ray wall, your mission in this game is to scan new passengers looking to enter into the country with weapons, animals, too much money, etc, and decide whether or not to let them in.

Played by swiping left to deport and right to let into the country, Border Patrol kind of feels like a gamified version of Tinder only based around maintaining national security instead of just trying to find your next date. 😂

If you’re the type of guy or girl who enjoys sorting games that focus more on attention to detail, and following instructions correctly than say fast reflexes and button-mashing, this is a game you will probably really enjoy!

On the downside, however, we find that most sorting games after just a short while often tend to feel kind of repetitive. Although we are sure there are some who will enjoy playing this game for many weeks, months, maybe even years to come, personally we can only see ourselves really enjoying this game for a few weeks at best.

*Although once again, this is totally up to your personal preference.

With a cute 3D design, not too many ads, and a very simple mechanic a lot of us actually experience in our day to day lives, this is one of those games that may actually change your perspective on those tired, frowning faces that greet you every time you enter a country.

…or maybe not… 😂

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