Carve it 3D: Masking those symbols we all recognize

Carve it 3D (by Rollic Games) is a game about carving lines, curves, and dots into a flat sheet of (what we presume is wood?) in order to create shapes, outlines, and those iconic symbols we can all instantly recognize in 2020 – such as 🔀🔁💞

Although the idea of recreating things you probably see and use on a daily basis may sound cool if you have an amazing sense of art, Carve it 3D is one of those games that is tailored more toward those of us who haven’t been blessed with an amazing sense of art.

i.e. Carve it 3D is basically just a timing game…

Played by touching and holding on the screen of your device in order to start carving, this game requires little to no artistic sense in order to create anything which is no doubt going to be great for some but is for sure a dealbreaker for others.

As far as we are aware, the game doesn’t even have any real penalties for smashing into an obstacle which kind of shows what kind of age group this game is targeted at.

If you’re in for a game that does actually require some artistic skills in order to create anything, we recommend checking out Wood Shop or Woodturning 3D which are both games that require a whole lot more skill and patience in order to create anything good.

Obviously, if your needs fit into the opposite extreme, Carve it 3D is an excellent option and we expect the super simple gameplay will fit your needs perfectly!

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