Rocky Rampage: Developer Spotlight with Joyseed Gametribe

Here we are, back with yet another exciting Developer Spotlight! Today we are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up by Joyseed Gametribe! 

The Indonesian made arcade auto-runner game is currently available for Pre-Registration and set for launch in April 2020.

Before we start we would say thanks to Boy for collaborating with us and for taking the time to talk with us about Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up! 😃

Thanks Boy Dozan – Let’s go!

*Some answers have been edited for clarity.

/// Thank you for taking part in our latest Developer Spotlight! Before we start talking about Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up, could you please start by telling us a little about yourself and why you are making games?

Thank you for having us! We’re Joyseed Gametribe and we’re a studio based at the heart of Indonesia in Jakarta. Our intention is to create games that plant the seed of joy in the hearts of players out there by creating fun, engaging and inspired games.

/// Moving on to Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up, in a nutshell, what is this new game all about?

Rocky Rampage is about this Fashionista Hero from the Rock Kingdom who has had his proud collection of Wonderpants stolen from him by the Empress Scissor. You join Boulder and his sidekick pebble in an adventure to reclaim his collection as you rampage through the minions and creatures under the service of the Empress.

You start by launching yourself into a rolling frenzy and in your path of destruction discover unique new creatures and enemies as you proceed. Once you’ve successfully broken through their defenses, you’ll be able to face off with The Empress herself in her Kingdom!

/// Every game has a backstory, and we would love to know the story behind Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up! Why did you choose to make this game?

We initially set out to launch a game with a touch of RPG elements where you smash through your enemies and gradually grow stronger with each successive run. At that point, we had an idea about building a few kingdoms based on the Rock, Paper, Scissors. With the Rock Kingdom as a hero and the enemies coming from the Scissor Kingdom. That inspired the initial prototype which is now what you know as Rocky Rampage.

/// Are there any funny or exciting episodes from the development phase of Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up that you can share with us?

There is one moment that we can recall. It was when we first brought Rocky Rampage to a game convention in Indonesia. A boy no more than 10 years old approached our booth and played our game for half an hour straight. He looked so excited and could understand the entire game without needing any explanation! It’s these little moments that make us really happy and inspire us to do more.

This also happens when we get feedback from our users in the mail. Not only do they show support and praise for our games, but also when they share their ideas and enjoyment. This is one of the reasons why we became Game Developers, to make other people happy and to be able to plant the seed of joy!

/// Where from here? Is there anything you would like to add to Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up in the future, or perhaps even a new game on the horizon?

There’s a lot of potential with Rocky Rampage, for the initial release we have a few Enemy Vehicles that will help you blast through enemies such as the Boom Bird, the Kangaroo which launches you to great heights and even a Dragon that zaps wizards when they get their jaws on him! These are just some of the unique creatures on top of the many more we will have in the future as we introduce new chapters in your chase to recover your Wonderpants.

We are also in the process of releasing our new idle game Kingdomtopia! Without spoiling too much, this game features a klutzy prince in an animal kingdom thrust into rulership of a fallen kingdom. We love the main character and look forward to sharing the game with everyone.

/// Are there any secret developer tips for playing Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up you could give our readers?

This is an interesting question. I’d say make sure you spend your gold on upgrades before starting each launch and keep a lookout for the chest as you jump through the skies. They give you various bonuses that make the next launches easier and sometimes even contain precious gold. Also, don’t forget to pre-register before the official launch! We’ll be giving a special Chest Upgrade that will permanently add a golden card to all the chests you obtain.

/// A question you would like to ask your future self next time we shine the spotlight your way!

That’s a really fun question! I would ask myself, “Why did you choose to start a career in the game industry in the first place?”. Because I think I would want to always remember why we started this!

Thanks again to Boy Dozan for participating in our Developer Spotlight, and for taking the time to talk with us about Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘Em Up! We look forward to talking with you again sometime soon! 😃

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