Woodturning 3D – Freedom isn’t always a good thing…

Woodturning 3D (by Voodoo) is a highly artistic woodturning game that requires you to have actual artistic skills in order to make something cool… Uh oh… 😅

Played using a spinning log, 3 different shaped chisels, a roll of sandpaper that can be adjusted in size to suit your needs, and spray paint, Woodturning 3D gives you all the “tools” needed to make everything from a rolling pin to a baseball bat but just having the right tools doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be any good using them.

Although the game gives you a rough outline to follow, it doesn’t give you much else. Where many other games we’ve played that are based around a similar concept feature clever ways of assisting the player – such as making it harder to chisel too deep – Woodturning 3D gives players no such luxuries!

What you see is what you get.

If you’re after a game that features gameplay that is likely very close to what it is actually like to chisel away at a block of spinning wood, Woodturning 3D is one of those games you’re not going to want to miss!

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