Press Release

An upcoming Qatari game to teach Arabic reading!

Rawi Al-Kotob, A Qatari company, specializing in providing audiobooks for the web and mobile users. Have showcased their upcoming educational mobile game “Rawi & Rawia Adventure” in the national Doha book fair.

The game has developed to contain Arabic words and paragraphs from famous Arabian storybooks. Which to teach young students how to speak Arabic and to encourage them to read Arabian books in a fun and different way, Not only for kids the game is suitable for adult and non-Arabic speakers who want to improve their Arabic speaking and reading skills.

The game currently has two sections. The first section is an adventure platformer game, with objectives to find the missing words across the levels. To proceed the player must first complete some minigames about guessing the missing letters.

The other section is about to read some paragraphs taken from Arabic books and try to place the collected words to complete it. There is a feature to play audio which will help the player how to read Arabic.

The game has no violence or advertising, which makes it very suitable for young kids, And improves their reading and speaking skills for Arabic. The game is an excellent example of how gamification can improve the education field excitingly.

The game is a collaboration result from Rawi Al-Kotob and Space Crescent, which is a Qatari company founded by young Qatari entrepreneurs, specialized in web, mobile and console game development.

The game is still in the development and expected to be released at the end of May 2020, Targeting iOS and Android devices.