Wood Shop – Carving for the less skilled among us…

Wood Shop (by Rollic Games) is a great little game for those people who desperately wanted to give Woodturning 3D by Voodoo a try but had the brains to realize that they don’t have the patience or the dexterity to actually make anything good… even in a game 😂

If this sad person who wants to join in on the wood carving action but can’t is you, then we may have just found the game for you.

Wood Shop is a far more forgiving version of Woodturning 3D which makes the game far easier for people who struggle with dexterity and kind of makes you begin to wonder just who copied who? – HMMMM??? I smell litigation!!

Anyway, moving on to the gameplay, so long as you get most of the shape right when first carving whatever you happen to be making, this game does an excellent job of smoothing out any rough edges and making it possible to actually score 100%.

In some cases, the “sander” in this game almost seems to add back a little wood on the places where you dug just a little too deep… Obviously this would never really happen in real life but who cares! Anything to get a perfect score!

If you like the idea of turning wood on your smartphone but were too scared to watch yourself fail, well this is a game you may just want to check out.

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