Popcorn Burst Review: Basically life at a popcorn stand

Popcorn Burst (by SayGames) is basically a game about filling up simple 2D shapes with popcorn. Although I have never worked at a popcorn stand, it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that spilling loads of popcorn onto the ground is an easy way to get yourself fired. 😱

Popcorn Burst gives you a gracious 3 lives per shape (i.e. spill 3 pieces of popcorn and you’re fired) so make sure you’re careful not to fill your shapes too fast… 😅

Gameplay Video 👇👇

The game literally takes 5 seconds to learn and 10 seconds to master (or at least play without dying all the time) so if you’re a fan of those simple casual games that mimic real-world mechanics, Popcorn Burst is one of those games you will probably really enjoy. 😆

Although the game does seem to get harder over time, adding small extra mechanics into the game to keep you addicted, we don’t exactly expect most players will make it past level 100 – so be sure to visit Edamame Reviews once you’re in need of a new game for your iOS or Android device.

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