Water Shooty Review: Water fight level infinity…

Water Shooty (by Rollic Games) is perhaps the most serious water fight game we have ever seen anywhere. For starters, the water droplets in this game are about the size of an apple so no wonder your character collapses the moment he gets hit! I’m impressed he even gets up again to play another round… 😂

Anyway, set in a low-poly hyper-casual 3D battleground, Water Shooty is all about hiding behind things and shooting at your opponents whenever they aren’t shooting at you – pretty simple. 👌

Gameplay Video 👇👇

For anyone who enjoys shooting games on PC but can’t stand the finicky joystick controls and on-screen buttons on mobile, Water Shooty may just be that perfect mixture of casual fun gameplay and serious shooter game mechanics you were looking for.

The game, although undeniably casual game like does feature boss battles, unlockable weapons, dances, and of course board shorts. 😂

Although this definitely isn’t the most serious game out there, it is certainly fun while it lasts.

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