Move Fever Review: This game came just a little too late…

Move Fever (by Mazari Games) isn’t a bad game, it’s just got an over-achieving competitor called Get In Shape by Ketchapp… 😅

Set on the stage of a low poly gameshow were messing up means getting shoved into a pool of water, Move Fever is all about changing the pose of your player in order to fit through a silhouette cut out of a wall that slowly moves toward you. 💦

Having trouble visualizing all this? Check out our Gameplay Video. 👇👇

The game divides your player’s body onto 2 sections “upper-body” and “lower-body” and allows you to control both sections in order to create the many different poses required to make it through the various shapes you are faced with. 🤔

All this having been said, there really aren’t that many combinations, and for anyone who has played Get In Shape where you are free to control your player’s hands and legs, we can’t help but say Move Fever feels kinda stiff… 😅

If Get In Shape was just way too difficult for you, Move Fever may be a good second option? However, as it stands, we’re more excited to see what comes next from this highly skilled new studio than we are about Move Fever. 😭

Sorry guys, not a fan… 🤷‍♀️

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