Get in Shape Review: Basically a crazy Japanese game show

Get in Shape may just be the funniest game we have ever seen from Ketchappwhich kind of makes sense why the game is blowing up on TikTok.

Set on a massive pink float set in the middle of a calm blue lake, your mission in this game is to twist and bend the body of your player in order to fit your player though a massive human-sized cut out of your player posing at some reasonable, aaaaand not so reasonable angles… 😱

Here is some Get in Shape gameplay.

Although in the video above we have full control over our player’s arms, butt, and one leg, thankfully the game starts players off with just the character’s arms making the game much easier for new players who are just figuring out how to play.

Each level consists of 4-5 shapes you will need to “somehow” squeeze your player though in order to move on to the next level.

So far the game has been somewhat manageable, only increasing in the number of body parts you will need to control over time. This was actually surprisingly easy to get used to thanks to the very realistic bone structure of your character. You won’t have knees and elbows bending the wrong way which was good for both the game’s intuitiveness and my appetite. 🤮

With a bunch of different players of different genders and nationalities for you to unlock, Get in Shape features a number of different swimsuits in different colors and sunnies which can be bought using the coins you collect at the end of each level.

If you’re in for a silly new game that is almost guaranteed to make you laugh at some point, this is the game for you. The Rag Doll effect when you die is excellent!

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