Kingpin Bowling Review: Not really Bowling but still very fun!


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10 Pin Bowling is a really fun game! Although its popularity fluctuates wildly from generation to generation, the fact that it’s fun to play and costs way too much down here in Australia are two facts that do not change.

So for poor highschool or uni students who just don’t have enough “$$” to casually enjoy a fun game on the weekend, today we’ve got a game you can play in your free time that sort of looks like bowling but is probably actually something very different. 😂

Kingpin Bowling (by Frosty Pop Games) is a bowling style avoider game for iOS and Android that is anything but traditional. Set on an endless stretch of bowling ally, your mission in this game is to skillfully control your bowling ball in order to knock down as many pins as possible without crashing into any of the many strange and exotic obstacles you will find blocking your path.

Overall the game is actually fairly straightforward and easy to play. Played by touching and dragging in order to move your ball left and right across the screen of your device, Kingpin Bowling is played pretty much just like any other avoider game just with a few bowling pins you’ll actually want to hit every so often.

Although at its core Kingpin Bowling is essentially just another avoider game, the unique way in which it is put together makes the game feel like so much more. The comical graphics and small visual effects you’ll find in pretty much every game from Frosty Pop Games make the game feel just that little bit more fun and alive.

This is the sort of game you would almost want to try in real life… ok maybe not… 🤣

With a number of different bowling balls for you to unlock, a fever mode we called “Strike!” we still don’t fully understand how to activate, and hopes for an “Extra Hard Mode” where there are gutters on both sides of the screen 😱 Kingpin Bowling is a fun new game that looks just as crazy as every other game from Frosty Pop Games and we love it!

Want to give Kingpin Bowling a try? The download link is just below.📲
Let us know your thoughts at @Edamame_Reviews🔔



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