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Stack Jump – Endless Jumping Action

Ever since the release of Stack by Ketchapp, have you had this strange urge to play every single game with the word “Stack” included in the title? “No…?” Well, that’s why we play them all for you! 😉 Stack Jump by Voodoo is currently the hottest stacking/jumping game currently on the market and for good reason! […]

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Walkboy Run! Fantastic & Original 2D Endless Runner

“WalkBoy” is an independent video game that takes players on an exciting time traveling adventure. The game is about a child who receives a music player that allows him to travel through different times and places throughout history with each song. Unfortunately, during his first voyage to the Jurassic era, the player is damaged, making our […]

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What the Taco is Catasaurus Rex? An infinite runner with heart, humor, and endless charm.

What do a rampaging dino-cat, a flatulent unicorn, and truckloads of tacos have in common? Nothing really, except they are all over this game. Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut is the first game from indie studio Red Kraken Apps. Based on a character created by the studio head’s 7-year-old daughter, Catasaurus Rex is an […]

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Glob Trotters – An Endless Arcade Blobber

Are you in need of a brand new blobber game to occupy that empty spot on your home screen? Didn’t know there was such a category as a blobber game? Neither did we, because we just made it up!

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Tape it Up! – Get ready for some endless taping action!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a massive Amazon warehouse packing boxes to send off to eagerly waiting customers? If becoming the world’s best box packer has always been your dream, today we’ve got a game you might want to check out before you accept that great sounding job offer… […]

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Hardway – Endless Road Building Action!

Have you ever wished you had a private road building service with the resources to build your very own freeway that stretches right over all the traffic you suffer through each morning? If so, your dreams are only just starting! Hardway is a game about preventing a lorry truck from ever having to stop, pause, […]

Apple Board Family Featured Puzzle Strategy

Edges Endless – Your next puzzling companion…!

Do you enjoy playing simple and relaxing puzzle games every once in a while? We do, or at least, we do when they are actually relaxing…😉  Edges Endless is a truly relaxing puzzle game. With no time limit, no super difficult or sophisticated rules, and a mostly silent gameplay system (except for a few small […]

Apple Family Featured Puzzle Simulation Strategy

Six! – A simple balance game ready for endless fun!

Do you like balance games? If your answer is “Yes” you’re probably already well aware of how difficult it is to find a good balance game for your mobile device… Today we’ve got one! Six! is a simple balance game based around a tower, a hexagon, and gravity. Your mission in this game is to slowly eliminate blocks […]

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Shooty Skies – Endless Arcade Flyer

If you’re a fan of 2D space shooters, and think you’ve played most of the best titles, well, we’ve got something new for you. Shooty Skies is probably one of the cutest shooters we’ve ever seen. Instead of shooting at enemy ships, or blasting aliens. In this game you shoot crazy flying smartphones and robots holding […]

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Zhengyang Qu’s review of The Balloons – Endless Floater

The Balloons – Endless Floater is a runner game in a vertical direction. It’s similar to other games like Flappy Bird and Piloteer. But the graphic is way better than them. Despite the super pixelated appearance, the environments and characters are all detailed and textured, so you can easily distinguish everything from each other. The […]

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The Balloons – Endless Floater

The The Balloons is a super difficult game where you basically try to fight a balloons final fate, popping… Let loose in an endlessly big cave like stage, your job is to help guide your balloon up through spike infested passageways, past dart shooting critters, and probably much, much more. We kept on dying and didn’t […]

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MiniGolf Endless MMO

MiniGolf Endless MMO by Superfluid Games is a super easy-to-play golf game for your iOS device. If you prefer to play relatively easy games, you’ll probably find MiniGolf Endless MMO perfect for your needs. The game system is super easy to understand, all you do to hit the ball is touch, pull back, aim, and shoot, the simplicity is […]

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Run Jump 3D Review – Hmm… is definetly better…

Run Jump 3D: Endless Running Game (by Playpal) is a game that, according to our interview with the Playpal team, is the prequel to the very cool fitness-oriented fighting game we featured roughly 2 weeks earlier. So, how does Run Jump 3D stack up to when it comes to gameplay? Well, it turns out […]

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Interview with North Art Games the creators of Space Shooter

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with North Art Games the creator of Space Shooter. Before we start we’d like to thank the North Art Games Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks!   /// Thanks for taking the time to talk to […]

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Kingpin Bowling Review: Not really Bowling but still very fun!

10 Pin Bowling is a really fun game! Although its popularity fluctuates wildly from generation to generation, the fact that it’s fun to play and costs way too much down here in Australia are two facts that do not change. So for poor highschool or uni students who just don’t have enough “$$” to casually […]

#CUTE Android Apple Featured Review

Tap Skaters – A game about “Battling your instincts”

As games went from being a thing you would play using a mouse and keyboard to a thing you play with your fingers on a smooth glass touch-screen for most people on the planet, what we call a game seems to have almost moved backward. Although today’s games are by no means easy, they have […]

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Our interview with KneeHat Games the creator of Space Color Bird

Here we are, back with another developer interview! This time with KneeHat Games the creator of Space Color Bird. Before we start we’d like to thank the KneeHat Games Team for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions! Thanks! …and without further ado, our interview begins…   The Interview /// […]

#ADDICTIVE Android Featured Interview

Our interview with Pixel Jump the creator of Paladin

Did you enjoy reading our review of Paladin? An exciting new strategy game we just can’t seem to win? (we really need to stop moving on impulse…) If so, today we’ve got an interview with the developers of Paladin that may just give you the clues required to finally beat that level! …or inspire you […]

#LOL Apple Featured Review

Fish Farm – We didn’t know you could eat sea-stars…

GM foods are an interesting topic. Some people see them as the solution to saving millions of starving people around the world, while others believe they are going to kill us all. One thing we know for sure is that neither of these groups likely expected someone would decide to make a game where you […]

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Our interview with Ashley Spencer-Phillips the creator of Lunch Break

Have you ever had your lunch break ruined by one small thing that just kind of brought the whole “lunch break” atmosphere crashing down? Yeah, you’ll need to toughen up if you actually want to save Chris… We’re pretty sure this guy is cursed… If you have yet to check out our review of Lunch Break, […]