Yeah Bunny 2 Review: A hyper cute 2D adventure game

If you somehow still believe that girls are the only ones who appreciate “cute” things, maybe you should recall which girls were the most popular growing up… Yeah… SHOCKING REVELATION…!! 😂😂

Yeah Bunny 2 (by Adrian Zarzycki) is a very cute game for iOS and Android we can pretty much recommend to anyone who has a soft spot for all things fluffy, cute and cuddly.

Set in a pixelated 2D world filled with literally smiling plant-life, massive fluffy bunnies, and adorable enemies you won’t want to kill, your mission in this game is to run through a total of 50 unique levels (split between 7 different worlds) and collect carrots, coins, and stars, all while freeing baby chicks for a very worried mother chicken.

Thanks to cleverly designed stages that are literally designed to be intuitive, Yeah Bunny 2 can be played by simply tapping on the screen of your device – no other gestures or buttons required.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump, double-jump, climb walls, crush enemies, and potentially do even more, Yeah Bunny 2 is the ultimate platformer game when it comes to one-handed gameplay. The game is easier to play than Super Mario Run, yet doesn’t cut out any functionality, making it a great game to play while on the go.

With a few different skins for you to unlock, most of which are pop-culture parodies such as “The Amazing Spider Bunny” or “Bunny The Hedgehog” Yeah Bunny 2 really is a nice little game to have on your phone.

One thing we would like to see from Adrian Zarzycki would be a Yeah Bunny 2-like game that can be played in portrait mode. Yeah Bunny 2 requires players to hold their device in landscape mode (in most cases using 2 hands) which almost feels like a waste since Yeah Bunny 2 is designed so well to be played single-handedly.

Other than that, Yeah Bunny 2 is all-round a well made 2D adventure game that holds strong even when compared with some of the classics we all love and enjoy.

The Conclusion

Based on what we discovered at the very beginning of this review, there really isn’t any reason for “anyone” to not like this game. …unless you’re a goth or something… 👩‍🎤🎸

In that case, we respect your decision to linger in the shadows…

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