Run Jump 3D Review – Hmm… is definetly better…

Run Jump 3D: Endless Running Game (by Playpal) is a game that, according to our interview with the Playpal team, is the prequel to the very cool fitness-oriented fighting game we featured roughly 2 weeks earlier.

So, how does Run Jump 3D stack up to when it comes to gameplay? Well, it turns out not very well actually. If you’re after a fitness game, is definitely the one to get – you can check out our review of here.

Here is our gameplay video of Run Jump 3D 👇👇

So why is Run Jump 3D so much worse than We believe the answer to that question lies in the details.

If you watch our gameplay video above where our whole team dies over and over again while trying to make it past the first level, you may notice a few interesting things. Assuming you have an eye like a game developer…

Firstly, the character animations are ever so slightly off. Every so often our character will pose as though he/she (do chocolates have a gender?) is jumping even though we are very clearly running on the ground. At first, we thought this was probably just the developers being careless, but after playing the game for a while, we soon discovered that the hitboxes in this game are kind of terrible.

Our character not only can’t seem to figure out whether or not we are in the air but will also die crashing into things that we should have been able to jump over visibly speaking!

If this isn’t bad enough, the obstacles in this game blend into the background, making it difficult to figure out what is an obstacle and what is just a feature on the wall until it is far too late.

Although Run Jump 3D is objectively a terrible game, it does share some DNA with which is a much better game in terms of playability. It just goes to show that aiming for the best isn’t always easy first try.

Though we can’t recommend you play Run Jump 3D, we can appreciate the path it set for and potentially many more Playpal games to come.

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