Human Tower Review – Wait, What!? This game isn’t hard!?

Human Tower (by Voodoo & is one of those games that is actually surprisingly easy to play. Although at first sight, the game looks like yet another one of those tricky balance games, in reality, it is actually pretty much a clicker game!

Set literally “Upon the shoulders of those who came before you”, Human Tower is played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to position the next ragdoll character you are going to drop and releasing in order to well… drop… 😅😂

However, this most probably isn’t how you are going to choose to play the game.

Human Tower can be played much easier by simply barraging the screen of your device with a billion taps and building up a tower so quickly that your ragdoll characters simply don’t have time to collapse!

Essentially turning this skill-based balancing game into a clicker game! YAY!! 😂

Although we could probably be accused of playing the game wrong, the speed at which your players are locked into place, (so that they can’t fall off), and just how often the game will level itself off in order to make things easier kind of prove that this game was likely designed to be played this way.

So with that in mind, why not give Human Tower a try? At least it doesn’t look like a clicker game.

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