Review Review – Keeping kids fit with video games (by playpal) isn’t your average fighting game. Set in the junk food-filled streets of New York City, your mission in this game is to fight off junk food like you would a zombie apocalypse with fists of fire and kicks of… of… lightning? ⚡️ I dunno. 😂

The game was developed with a strong emphasis on getting kids moving and allows you to both earn coins as well as power up your player by walking more in the physical world.

You can watch the official trailer video by playpal to get a better idea of how it all works.

For anyone who plays a lot of these types of games (such as Beat Street by Lucky Kat Studios), feels pretty much the same as every other popular fighter game we’ve seen launched recently.

This is actually a really good thing since games that are obviously educational or aimed at fitness usually tend to flop. The gameplay in feels just like a typical fighter game minus the fact that you are fighting chocolates instead of zombies.  🍩🧟‍♂️

The only real complaints we have with the core gameplay is the fact that a lot of the elements in haven’t really been optimized for devices with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Although the game was still very much playable, as you can see from our gameplay video below, we are pretty certain we may have missed out on some fairly important story elements simply because they were not fully visible on our devices. 😭

Here is our gameplay video 👇👇

Looking at small things like how slowly the intense boss battles in play out, it is kind of obvious just how much thought and effort must have gone into creating a fun yet child-friendly game kids will actually want to play.

As an adult playing, it is kind of hard to imagine ourselves actually loosing to anything in this game – which is actually great when you stop and think about who the game is designed for.

For anyone looking for a simple way of teaching their children that eating too much chocolate could be unhealthy, this is a game that may help you communicate that idea without too many tears.

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