Basketball Superstar Review: You’re 100% in control of everything!

Basketball Superstar (by Lazy Boy Developments) is a game that essentially puts you in control of a future NBA star, however not in the way you might expect. 🤔

You see, Basketball Superstar is the first basketball game we’ve ever seen where you as the player never actually touch a basketball. The entire game revolves around managing and training your athlete, signing deals, hiring staff, buying investment properties, etc.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to manage for an NBA star, this game is likely shockingly accurate! The game starts you off with a young 18-year-old who isn’t even on a team and ends once your athlete hits retirement age. 👴🏻

Here is our gameplay video 👇👇👇

Needless to say, Basketball Superstar is a very long game. After roughly an hour of playing, we’ve finally made it through the first one and a half years of life as an athlete manager and switched teams once. Yep, we have quite a way to go…

If you heard the word Basketball and expected fast-paced action, Basketball Superstar definitely isn’t the game for you. Although the game’s interface is actually fairly intuitive once you’ve gotten used to things, it is still almost entirely text-based and has nothing to do with throwing a ball through a hoop.

Action gamers, this isn’t the game for you. 😭

That having been said, personally we really enjoyed Basketball Superstar. The gameplay, although very long has far more meaning than mindlessly tapping on a cookie and can be played on and off throughout the day without missing out on anything important.

If you’re a busy person (like everyone else in the world) and would like an idle game that isn’t mindless, we would highly recommend giving Basketball Superstar a try, because I think we may be addicted.

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