Forgotten Traveler Preview – A solid start for an amazing launch

Forgotten Traveler (by North Art Games) is a brand new space shooter game that is scheduled for release on iOS and Android sometime within the not so distant future.

Now, potentially for the first time in Edamame Reviews history, we not only got a chance to check out and share our impressions of the game a little early – we’ve been given the privilege of sharing a playable demo with you guys as well! You can try Forgotten Traveler for yourselves here!

If you would rather wait for the game’s full release on iOS and Android, we have also created a gameplay video highlighting our experience playing the game, so you can check out that one instead. 👇👇

As you can probably tell from the video and just how much we died, the game isn’t exactly easy. Set in a pixelated 2D galaxy, Forgotten Traveler is all about avoiding asteroids and spiky spinning stars, which kind of makes us wonder whether the name Forgotten Traveler is actually fitting – especially considering the gameplay is definitely closer to an avoider game. 😅

Thankfully the controls are fairly easy to get used to and the concept of colored shields is easy enough to get our heads around. We expect most players won’t find this game overly difficult to get used to playing – although we do have a few suggestions that could make the game even better before the final launch.

Firstly, it is super easy to confuse the spikes in this game (something you definitely don’t want to crash into) with the stars in this game (something you actually want to collect) because the coloring is so similar!

We constantly found ourselves actively crashing into spikes because we were still figuring out how to play and weren’t paying enough attention to some of our surroundings. Simply tweaking the color scheme a little would make the spikes much easier to avoid.

Another idea would be to potentially make the shields just a little easier to collect as we often found ourselves flying past a shield we expected our ship would be able to collect?

Although there are definitely a bunch of smaller places in which we believe this game could be improved before the final launch, overall the animations are smooth, the controls are simple, and there are plenty of levels to keep players coming back for more.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Forgotten Traveler! 🚀✨

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