Fire Clash – Even more battle simulator action for your iPhone

Fire Clash (by Voodoo & h8games) is a game that builds yet again on the now quite crowded battle simulator space on mobile.

If you’ve played Gang Clash, Army Clash, Art of War, or any of the many similar games based around roughly the same concept that have all sprung into existence over the last 2-3 months, then Fire Clash is a game you pretty much already know how to play.

The main difference between Fire Clash and all the other games we just listed above is the fact that Fire Clash doesn’t give you a set number of troops. Instead of giving players a set number of troops to send off into battle, this game allows you to send troops into war by simply touching and holding on the screen of your device, easy hey?

Doing so will shrink a parameter that will eventually reach 0, forcing you to wait for a few seconds before sending in your next wave of troops.

For anyone who has fallen in love with the strategic elements in most of the battle simulator games we’ve reviewed so far, this game probably isn’t the one for you. Although there are obstacles and clever level designs that prevent you from just flooding the battlefield with your own forces, Fire Clash is definitely the easiest battle simulator game we have reviewed recently.

Obviously, if you would rather a battle simulator game that feels more like the timing based casual games we also often feature here on Edamame Reviews, Fire Clash is by no means a bad option – arguably it is likely the best option right now.

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