Flippy Cube – The flappy bird update you’ve been waiting for

Flippy Cube (by xiaoli yao) is that Flappy Bird clone you’ve been waiting for – assuming you’re up for a harder challenge…

Set on a minimalistic 3D stage, this game is played just like the original with simple tap controls in order to keep your bird (or in this case a 3D cube) in the air.

Instead of pipes, you will be faced with colorful 3D rectangles that change the color of your cube as you pass between them, and that’s about it for the stage. Very simple, very familiar, very easy… until things start to move… 😱

What makes Flippy Cube such a challenge is the fact that the camera spins, zooms in and out, and kind of does whatever the hell it wants as you frantically try to keep track of what is going on in the game. The viewing experience in Flippy Cube almost feels like one of those badly made home videos you sometimes see on YouTube where everything is either out of frame or not in focus.

All of this having been said, Flippy Cube is by no means an impossible game. The viewing experience is designed to be just bad enough so that you can always see what is coming up ahead – even though it isn’t easy…

If you’re still a flappy bird fan who is interested in taking on a new challenge, this may be just the game you’ve been waiting for.

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