Easy Game Brain Test – Maybe the hardest game to find…

Easy Game – Brain Test (by Easybrain) for obvious reasons is probably the hardest game to find on the internet. WHO in their right mind could have possibly thought that naming their game Easy Game would be a good idea?

Once you’ve managed to actually find the game, Easy Game is actually pretty cool. Currently featuring a total of 101 levels for you to slowly puzzle your way through, the puzzles in this game give you next to no context to work with which, both for better and for worse, makes the game incredibly difficult.

Just to illustrate how hard this game is, we began relying heavily on online walkthroughs from about level 3 just so that we could write up this quick review! Terrible I know, but have you ever considered just how hard it is to find a walkthrough for a game called Easy Game?

*For your convenience here is our walkthrough video for levels 1-40

Although the game is incredibly hard, the solutions to the puzzles in this game are all fun and laughable once you actually manage to figure them out.

If you enjoyed playing Tricky Test 2 by Orangenose Studios, you will enjoy playing this game. The puzzles are based on a similar sort of humorous broken logic that doesn’t actually work, yet somehow makes sense. So yeah, you’ll probably really like this game!

Assuming you like puzzles and have a lot of time on your hands, you’ll probably love this game!

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