Have you ever taken an online IQ test? If you have taken a bunch of them, you probably already know how your IQ can range from Very High to Very Low depending entirely on the website you visit. Not the most accurate way to test your intelligence…

Today we’ve got a game that, in a way, may be the most “accurate” IQ Test/Game we’ve ever encountered. “How does this game work?” If you’re not a genius, or extremely open-minded, good luck getting to the end…😓

Tricky Test 2 is the hardest quiz game we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews. Featuring 100 trick questions that are extremely easy and logical once you know the solution, this game will throw you curveball after curveball forcing you to rethink how smart you really are…

Starting out with an IQ of 450(!) you will lose one IQ point each time you make a mistake. If by the end of the game you have a remaining IQ score of over 140 or somehow manage to complete the test within 90 minutes you can officially proclaim yourself a genius! Congratulations!

…obviously, this isn’t easy to do (without the help of Mr.Google) and will have you scratching your head in pure confusion for hours…

Whether you’re a long-time fan of lateral thinking quiz style games or are just interested in testing out how flexible and open minded you are, this is a game we highly recommend you try even if you never make it to the end.

The Conclusion

Overall, Tricky Test 2 is an extremely well made IQ Test/Game that should keep you occupied for hours! Unless of course, you are a Genius…😃

Want to give Tricky Test 2 a try? The download link is just below😉

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