Sort It 3D – Um, this kind of feels like work…

Sort It 3D (by oz maharshak) if you thought a game about ironing was weird, wait till you see this game! Oh, wait, I think ironing is probably still worse…

Sort It 3D is a game about sorting colored balls into flasks. That’s it.

You can only hold one ball at a time, and just like in the real world, you can only take balls from the top so the order in which you do things is kind of important. If you are having trouble picturing it, check out our gameplay video below – because it really isn’t difficult. 😂

Although the game does feel somewhat satisfying at first, after playing through the first few levels, there does come a point where we at least began to wonder what we were even doing…

Whether you see this game as endless puzzle relaxation or an extension of factory labor is kind of up to you, but if you’re anything like us, this game will probably only last on your phone for a few days if that!

Although the game is definitely high quality and very well made, it is also basically the definition of “Fun while it lasted…”

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