Color Wall 3D – A game that has very little to do with actual walls…

Color Wall 3D (by Midnite Games) is a Tetris style stacking puzzle game that actually has very little to do with walls. Funny that… 🤣

For anyone who has played Tetris once or twice in their life, this game delivers basically that exact same stacking experience only in 3D, and around a cylindrical tube-like stage. And for anyone that just thought, “Tetris in 3D? That sounds hard!” don’t worry, Color Wall 3D is actually surprisingly easy.

In fact, Color Wall 3D is such an easy game to both learn and play, the only real complaint we have about it is how annoying it feels to mess up and die!

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to rotate the blocks you are given around the cylindrical 3D stage, Color Wall 3D has no time limit for you to place blocks meaning you can take your time with your positioning and really place each and every block where it is needed.

In theory, this should make the game almost un-losable but in reality, humans make mistakes and the controls aren’t exactly perfect 100% of the time. During our time playing the game, we did make a few stupid mistakes and the controls did glitch on us and place blocks in truly terrible locations more than a few times.

Needless to say, knowing that you lost because of a glitch isn’t a great feeling.

Although the situation we described above can be annoying it is also a super first world problem, and shouldn’t be a reason not to download the game.

If you’re in for yet another re-take on the popular Tetris game mechanic, Color Wall 3D is a game you definitely won’t regret checking out.

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