Art of War – Grow your army of minions!

Art of War (by Fastone Games) is a game players who have already played Army Clash by Voodoo should find very familiar – maybe even a little too easy.

Set on a small 3D battlefield, your mission in this game is to build up an army of small blue soldiers you can use to decimate your opponent!

The gameplay in Art of War is mostly centered around strategy – since all you are really given control over is the formation and layout of your soldiers, as well as the ability to spawn one new soldier every few seconds.

In a lot of cases, the deciding factor between you winning a battle or losing one is when and where you choose to spawn these additional reinforcements.

Since both, you and your opponent’s armies will collide head-on, spawning your extra troops behind your opponent will allow you to take out your opponent’s slower-moving long-range troops for instance, which gives you a much greater strategic advantage over say spawning them at the center of the action where they will most probably die.

Another interesting thing we noticed in Art of War was the addition of a second game mode where the opponents you are faced with are harder but the prize money you receive for winning is significantly more.

This extra game mode makes purchasing new characters much easier which can’t be said about Army Clash or Gang Clash by IEC Global for that matter.

Other than these two key elements, Art of War is just another fun army management/strategy game we expect many players will really enjoy playing.

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