Ink Inc. – A game about expectations and reality…

Ink Inc. (by Lion Studios & SRG STUDIOS) is a game that allows you to let the amazing artist within you run wild! 😆 …and ruin a bunch of virtual people’s lives in the process…

Thankfully Ink Inc. is “just a game” which is basically the reason why we are still here and alive to write this quick review. 😱

As the name implies Ink Inc. is a game about running a small tattoo shop on your iOS or Android phone. For anyone wondering, no this isn’t a clicker game, nor is it an idle game meaning you (yes you) will need to pick up those art skills really fast because there are customers waiting!

Trusting us with your arm? Big mistake… 😂

Using pretty much the same mechanics as any 3-year-old’s drawing app, Ink Inc. is played by touching and dragging in order to color in whatever tat your customer happens to be asking for.

Unless you’re a god when it comes to art, this game is going to have a learning curve. Imagine a digital sketchbook with no “Undo” button? That is basically what Ink Inc. is, and the somewhat unique controls don’t make it easy.

If you take too long your customers will get angry. 🤬 But if you try and do everything in one go your customer won’t be able to bear the pain ➡ will move ➡ get a big black line running across their arm… for life… 😱

Calling this game “hard” would be an understatement.

If you enjoy games involving art or just wonder what it might be like to run your very own tattoo shop, this is a game that does a great job of illustrating what it might be like…

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