Push’em all – I think we’re fighting zombies?

Push’em all (by Voodoo & OHM Games) is a game that doesn’t really make sense but is still really fun. 😂

Set on a 3D stage, Push’em all is all about pushing people off the edge of the stage in order to win. That’s it, and there really isn’t a whole lot more to it.

Gameplay Video 👇

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with an increasing number of enemies, and the stages will gradually increase in complexity, adding elements that both help you and make the game more challenging.

Overall this game is fun and enjoyable for a short while, but there really isn’t a lot to keep you addicted other than the core gameplay.

Unless you are the kind of person who really enjoys the idea of pushing people over, this game will likely feel kind of repetitive very quickly. At least the gameplay is fun while it lasts.

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