Mario Kart Tour Review – Sometimes coming 1st just isn’t enough…

Mario Kart Tour (by Nintendo) is a great game, perhaps the best game we’ve ever seen from Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. However, it comes with a bit of a catch we weren’t exactly expecting so this is our in-depth(ish) review of Mario Kart Tour.

Skipping past all the controls, unlockable characters, and gold pass you can purchase for a measly A$7.77 per month, this game is great at making players play the same track over and over again.

From the perspective of a game designer, this game is brilliant, and here is why.💕

You see, coming 1st place in Mario Kart Tour often simply isn’t enough. The game is centered around a points system that requires you to score a certain number of points per race in order to achieve that coveted 5-star win which gradually gets harder the further you progress through the game.

These stars are then in turn required to unlock new cups and items so you’ll get stuck pretty quickly if you just choose not to care about points or stars. You need them both!

So, naturally, even if you have already won the same race multiple times, players will choose to play the same race over and over again just to achieve that coveted 5-star win. Ingenuous for a game that actually doesn’t have all that many levels at the moment!

Add to this the fact that faster speeds such as 150cc give you more points for coming 1st and different characters give you more items per box and you have yourself a hyper addictive game that is taking over people’s smartphones all over the world.

Based on the game’s success at grabbing people’s attention so far, we can only imagine what adding multiplayer support, as well as new cups and potentially even new characters will do for the game within the coming months.

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