Dothaus Review – A game about patience and timing…

Dothaus (by Badbones Productions) is a game about waiting for that perfect moment. Set on a 2D stage made up of what may be the world’s simplest obstacle course, Dothaus is basically a timing game designed to test your patience.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to shoot your player from one point to the next along a thin zig-zagging line, your mission in this game is to avoid hitting any of the many obstacles designed to block your path in the “slowest” way possible. 😂

Here is our gameplay video 👇👇

A lot of the obstacles in this game, especially during the lower levels, move at a sluggish speed that is so slow it is actually kind of refreshing… 🤣

Although the game does seem to get faster over time, it definitely isn’t the type of game that will kill you right off the bat with its “intense speed” which is actually almost a feature in 2019. Kinda sad but true.

If you’re after a relaxing game you can play while on the go, Dothaus is actually a pretty good option.

Much as the game is super easy to both lean and play, ease of use isn’t exactly the greatest way to keep players coming back for more. Unfortunately, this is where Dothaus kind of let us down with fewer small features such as skins, unlockable items, etc…

On the flip side, this also means that the game is super streamlined and free of all distractions, so it basically depends on what sort of game you enjoy playing. 🤷‍♀️

With an exceedingly simple design, a fairly standard number of ads, and pretty much zero distractions. Is this game for you?

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