Block Slide Review – A hyper simple puzzle game where luck is handy…

Block Slide (by JollyApps) is the latest, and probably the best, minimalistic casual game we’ve seen from JollyApps. The game is set on a minimalistic 3D stage, and it is your mission to push around gray cubes in order to eliminate cubes by creating rows of five. 💥

The game somewhat reminds us of Tetris in the way it is played, although nothing drops from above and you can still easily die when there is space on the board. All so confusing when put into words! 😅

Here is our gameplay video 👇👇

One thing you may notice in our gameplay video is just how randomized everything in the game is. Although we tried our best to figure out how to play the game with “our killer skills”, try as we might Block Slide feels completely randomized so you’ll need a fair bit of luck if you’re aiming for a high score in this game.

After achieving our current high score which is 52, we do recognize that there does seem to be an element of skill to achieving a high score in Block Slide, however, our current understanding of it is still so vague we aren’t game to try and describe it just yet.

Our advice to new players is, try and move at least 1 block with each move you make. If you start moving around without pushing anything, you’ll probably die within the next 4-5 moves… 😵

Overall, the game is simple and easy to play with a minimalistic 3D design, no unlockable skins or upgrades, and a fairly normal number of ads. For players looking for a relaxing game they can puzzle over Block Slide is a game we highly recommend taking a look at.

Because we still haven’t fully figured out how to win a high score in this game… 🤔

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