Hamad & Sahar – A casual 2D platformer with so much cuteness!

Hamad & Sahar (by Space Crescent) is a casual 2D platformer game for iOS that really takes inspiration from some of the classics.

Starting out in an Arabic neighborhood, the game is set in the fictional world of Arabian folktales. The game begins when an evil witch abducts your sister (or brother) depending on which character you choose to play as, and it is your mission to rescue him/her. 💪

The game is played using a set of 4 on-screen buttons in order to move left and right as well as jump and shoot rocks at anything that tries to attack you. 😵

Here is our gameplay video 👇👇

As you can probably see from our video, the gameplay in Hamad & Sahar is simple and very easy to get used to. This is probably thanks to the large buttons and minimal needed to perform fast actions that are sometimes seemingly impossible to perform with on-screen controls. 😅

One thing we weren’t so excited about was the lack of contrast between things our player could stand on and things we couldn’t stand on…

For instance, the first few levels we played were filled with random barrels we kind of kept expecting to be able to jump on. Turns out you can’t which wasn’t really that big a deal, it just didn’t feel intuitive. The same thing could be said for some rooftops, platforms that aren’t actually platforms, etc. 💦

Although we did have a few complaints, overall, Hamad & Sahar delivers an excellent gameplay experience that isn’t overly difficult to get highly addicted to. If you’ve been struggling to find a decent platformer game for your iOS device Hamad & Sahar is a game we recommend checking out. ❤️

Sadly for Android users, the game currently isn’t available on Google Play… But who knows? There may still be hope!? …maybe…🤞

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