Fall Race 3D Review: Not as scary as it sounds…

Are you the type of guy or girl who trembles just at the thought of walking on a “relatively thick” glass floor 1000m above the ground? If so, you may find today’s game just a little stressful…

Fall Race 3D (by Ketchapp & Mempic) is a game about jumping from one floating platform to the next in a virtual 3D world as you speedily jump your way down to the finish line waiting below. Parkour style!

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control the direction in which your player dashes, as the name suggests, Fall Race 3D is a race, meaning you’ll need to make it to the bottom before any of your opponents do which (at times) can be a whole lot harder than it looks.

Featuring a multitude of different platforms, obstacles, jumps, and even powerups which can be used to increase the speed of your player’s descent, this game starts out slow but eventually develops into a fast-paced runner game with a simple design and flashy visual effects.

For players who feel that just winning isn’t enough, Fall Race 3D also features a bunch of different cosmetic items which can be unlocked using the coins you collect while playing the game. which is good considering just how simple the game looks, to begin with.

If you’re in for a new and exciting runner game for your iOS or Android device, this is just the kind of game we have been waiting for Ketchapp to publish. Excellent!

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