Turbo Stars – A uniquely 2019 skating game

Turbo Stars (by SayGames & estoty) is a skating game for iOS and Android that almost seems to summarize the casual mobile gaming space of 2019.

… And you know what, we actually kind of like it. 😆

Starting off with the graphics, Turbo Stars is all about colorful 3D stick figures doing cool athletic things (in this case skating) in a 3D half-pipe filled with jumps, obstacles, and opponents for you to literally pick up and YEET out of the way!

Assuming you make it to the finish line in 1st place, your stick figure will do a little victory spin while dancing (hello Fortnight) and for people who gave up mobile gaming before 2018, you no longer need to be a god in order to pass anything other than the tutorial.

Overall, casual mobile gaming has gotten way better in 2019 and Turbo Stars is one of those games that does an excellent job of illustrating just how far we’ve come.

2019 was the year casual mobile games became 3D and a whole lot easier to play. It was also the year Voodoo dominated for the most part before being hit by a number of new and equally fast-moving competitors such as SayGames and Homa Games just to name a few.

Who knows what 2020 will hold for the casual mobile gaming universe but for now, we’re going to play Turbo Stars.

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Download Turbo Stars – App Store / Google Play